What a wonderful evening at a splendid venue. Over 200 of Tony Gillham's faithful listeners turned up for an evening of fifties and sixties live music!

In a literally packed Refectory at the Woodgreen animal shelter last night the band delivered three stonking sets of fifties and sixties numbers in their own inimitable style. Over two hundred listeners to Tony Gillham's BBC Radio Cambridge Saturday morning show came along and danced the night away from opening doors to the "midnight hour". Tony provided the disco for the evening and the whole mood was perfect for a Saturday nights live music.

Many attendees had their cameras a'flashing and photos of the night will be added to the gallery page just as soon as the band get copies. Meanwhile the band would like to thank Tony for the invite to play for a superb crowd he assembled and look forward to the next one!

  • Mar 7, 2010