Videos from Get Back's live performances

Thanks to kind audience members we're occasionally passed videos of the band in action. Here are a just few.

It's not the same as being there but we hope you enjoy these. Particular thanks to James Cole for his videos.

You can always see videos of the band on the Get Back YouTube Channel.

First Cut Is The Deepest - Directors Cut

Our first 'proper' video!

Here it is, directed by the fabulous Shaun Lucus, the band's first proper video. This is a 'band only' version with the full video including a superb cast and sets to follow. Enjoy!

Teenager In Love - Braza Club, March 2015

A Marty Wilde classic!

Featuring Richard on lead vocals with harmonies from Geoff & Richard. This one always get's the foot tapping and, often as not, the audience singing along!

Nine Times Out Of Ten - Braza Club, March 2015

Cliff's rock 'n' roll classic to start the evening off!

Featuring Geoff on Lead vocals, one of the band's favourite Cliff Richard Songs.

Easily Fall In Love With You

Eternit Club - April 2016

From Gog Hill's YouTube Channel


Eternit Club - April 2016

From Gog Hill's YouTube Channel

Flingle Bunt

Eternit Club - April 2016

From Gog Hills' YouTube Channel

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