The History Of Get Back

Formed in 1994 the band had just one mission, to play music from the greatest era of rock and roll; the 50’s and 60’s. Whilst other musicians where forming duo’s and playing to backing tracks Get Back did it properly right from the start, with guitars, bass and drums all topped off with super-lush multi-part vocal harmonies.

Richard officially ‘started’ the band with an advert in the Cambridge Evening News. Out of all those that replied Geoff, Dave and Paul joined Richard as the first line-up.

Simple Beginnings

After an ‘interesting’ first gig in at the White Lion in Sawston the band went on to hone their set and gained a good reputation with local clubs and agents. Their original set featured songs from the fifties through to modern day tunes with Richard taking the lead vocal spot as well as his seat at the drum kit. Geoff and Paul also sang a few tunes each and played rhythm guitar and bass respectively while Dave covered lead guitar duties. It was with this lineup that the band put together their first recorded release the short run cassette album ‘One For The Road’) about a year later.

Like most bands there were a few line-up changes through the early years. Dave took a break for a while and Bob stepped in to take his place. Paul left for pastures new and was replaced by Eddy. Geoff took some years out too while he toured with The Jailbreakers.

Together At Last

It was in 2003, after a year’s ‘rest’ that Geoff and Richard met up again by chance at a local petrol station.  Both were keen to get ‘back on the road’ and so, after a long discussion (and an overcooked pasty) they resolved to put the band back together. The line up they picked (Geoff, Richard, Bob and Eddy) has remained the same ever since.

Although the set list started with quite an eclectic set of songs it wasn't long before the band’s love of rock ‘n’ roll and ‘beat’ bands of the late fifties / early sixties shone through. The band decided to concentrate on that style and their regular followers fully approved. Today the band is one of the most in-demand rock ‘n’ roll acts around.


The band regularly takes time out to put their music down on record. Their first CD release (and first recording with the definitive line-up) came in 2007. ‘Don’t Tell Me You’ve Heard it’ featured a mix of 50s, 60s and modern music and sold over 500 copies before selling out a couple of years later.

Their second CD ‘Beehives and Handjives’ appeared in late 2009 and was an instant hit with the fans. It was the first album to feature only 50s and 60s music and many see it as the album that defined the ‘Get Back Sound’. It’s also now sold out.

For their third album the band decided to go completely live. The 2011 release ‘Saturday Night At The Dog House’ was recorded at a ‘Gillham Gold’ event at the Woodgreen Animal Shelter in Godmanchester and demonstrates just how good the band are as a live act.

The forth and most recent CD ‘The Boys Are Back In Time’ took the bands CDs to a new level. Featuring 11 tracks of their favorite rock ‘n’ roll the album was recorded at Blue Barn studio just outside Ely. Released in early 2014 it's been played by some of the most popular rock ‘n’ roll DJs on UK radio and has redefined the bands recorded sound.

And finally…

The band enjoys a devoted band of loyal followers who regularly appear at public gigs and are often first on the dance floor. To those people (you know who you are...) they are eternally grateful.

Keep on rockin!

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