Frequently Asked Questions About The Band

Q. How long do you play for?

A. We prefer to play 2x 1 hour sets with a break in between as we feel this provides the smoothest show. We also offer 3x 45 minute sets for club nights but we find parties usually suit 2x 1 hour sets best. If you have other requirements do ask us as we are flexible around these times.

Q. Can you play background music between performances and before the first set?

A. Our usual background music is from the 50’s and 60’s and is designed to compliment our performance . In the run-up to Christmas we'll usually substitute this for seasonal music. If you require alternative music please let us know in advance and we'll try our best to help. If you have a CD of your own that you would like  us to play, or an iPod with your own playlist, please let us know in advance and we will arrange for this to be used instead.

Q. Do you charge a premium for weddings like many acts, venues & discos?

A. NO! Our charges are based on the time required to play and the distance from our home base only. If you're looking for great band for the evening of your wedding look no further. We've played at many, many weddings in the past and a number of our previous bride & grooms are now amoung our regular followers! Basically, we have plenty of experience in this area! Our wedding show is designed to perfectly compliment your special day.

Q. I am worried the band will be too loud...

A. Our performance is designed to be the focal point of the evening rather than background music. However, we never play excessively loud. Please remember that the size, shape and construction of the room we are playing in will affect the apparent volume. If you need a little advice on where best to put the band in your venue to get the best sound without disrupting the guests please just drop us a line. We always work with you on the night to make sure everyone enjoys the show.

Q. How much room does the band need for their setup?

A. The band requires about the same floor space as a small living room. Do remember to leave room for a dance floor too!

Q. How many power sockets do you need?

A. In principle 1x 13amp socket is all that's required. However, the more available wall sockets around the stage area the better.

Q. Do I need to provide lights, speakers etc?

A. No. The band is completely self contained and has its own high quality PA system and lighting rig.

Q. Do you have public liability insurance?

A. Yes, the band is insured for public liability. If you require further details or to see a copy our ther certification please just let us know.

Q. Is your equipment 'PAT' tested?

A. Yes.

Q. How long do you need to set up?

A. It will take us about an hour to setup and test our equipment. In order to provide you with the best show it is best that we be given an opportunity to sound check properly as venues vary widely.

Q. The venue has a sound limiter installed. Is that a problem?

A. In short, it might be. We fully support any measures that venues need to take in order to host regular live music. However, in some cases sound limiters are set to cut power at sound levels so low that no amplified band can realistically achieve. If the venue your using has a sound limiter installed then please discuss options with is prior to booking.

Q. What about hearing aid loops?

A. Again, these can and do cause problems with music amplifiers. Normally it's easy to turn off the hearing aid loop and everything is OK. Please check with your venue if it has a hearing aid loop installed and, if so, if it can be turned off.

Q. But my guests will be in the room all afternoon and evening?

A. Then we will use our experience to get the sound as good as we can without a sound check and adjust as we play if neccessary.

Q. Do you need a dressing room?

A. Yes please! We need a moderate room in which the four of us can get changed and wait, out of the way of your quests and to safely store our belongings while we play. We don't need or expect a palatial suite but we won't get changed in toilets.

Q. There are stairs in our venue between the car park and the room we are using?

A. Please let us know if your room is upstairs. It is usually still possible for the band to perform but we would like the opportunity to check the situation and allow more setup time if needed.

Q. How about room to store your equipments cases while you play?

A. Again, if storage space is available then we'll gladly use it. However, if this isn't possible then we will store cases safely around the stage area or, in very tight venues, in our van.

Q. Will you play outside or in a marquee?

A. Playing in a marquee is fine but suitable power sockets and a hard floor must be provided for the band. When playing in an outdoor marquee the mains supply for the band must be protected by an RSD device to ensure our safety and yours. Most venues will already have such a device installed but it is worth checking before the event if you're unsure. On occasion playing outside is possible but this does requires some forward planning. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Q. Do you play requests?

A. Please ask if you have a particular song you would like played. In some cases, given good notice, we can learn a song for you. If t we'll do our best to have it available as part of the background music.

Q. Are you happy to share the stage with other acts?

A. Of course! we've worked with numerous acts over the years from solo singers to household names. Just let us know what you'd like to arrange and we'll work with you and the other acts to make sure your event goes smoothly.

Q. My friend is an excellent singer – can they sing with you or on their own for a number?

A. No, sorry.

Q. Can we borrow a microphone for announcements?

A. Yes. We have a dedicated radio mic available for announcemnets. If you need to make an announcement during the evening please ask one of the band to assist you. Alternatively we're happy to make announcements on your behalf.

Q. Can you sing happy birthday for us?

A. Yes. Please let us know the persons name (and age if appropriate…) on the night and we will happily oblige.

Q. Is your show suitable for dancing?

A. Absolutely!  Our entertainment is designed to provide the ideal backdrop for a night of dancing.

Q. What happens if one of the band fall ill on the day?

A. In more than 15 years that the band has been together we have only once had to cancel a booking due to illness. Should the worst happen we have several highly experienced stand-in musicians that we can call on or, in extreme cases, have several other friendly bands, who play a similar repertoire, who we can call on.

Q. What happens if a band member’s car breaks down?

A. All of the band drive relatively new, regularly serviced vehicles and are members of the AA/RAC. We also have alternative methods of transport should the worst occur.

Q. What happens if the band gets lost?

A. We carry both digital navigation (SatNav) and analogue navigation (a map). Since we have all been playing the local circuit for many years we know most venues already. If we've not been to your venue before we'll look at routes well ahead of the date.

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